May 17- 19, 2014


El Paso Marriott Hotel 1600 AirPort Boulevard El Paso, Texas, Texas


345 Tickets


37 Professional Speakers

El Paso Star Trek Comic-Con / where Trekies from everywhere come to have fun!

Hear ye, hear ye: A public announcement for far and wide, let it be known that on May 17-19th trekies from all over The West Texas and the rest of the world will come together in real Trekie fellowship to have fun, engage in intellectual conversation and listen to some top notch Scientific and Sci-Fi speakers and Star Trek cast members and top notch Star Trek production personnel so that they may not only "Live Long and Prosper" but have fun and learn a few new things as well!

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We are collecting money for a beer and bar-b-q party at El Paso Ponder Park on May 19th and El Paso Ponder Park for all Trekies who attended the El Paso, Star Trek Comic-Con festivities.

Selected Schedule of Events / Some of the top Events and Speakers

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El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser Kickoff Address

El Paso Mayor, Oscar Leeser will address the assembled El Paso Comic-Con Star Trek Participants with "A Warm Welcome to El Paso Speech" He will let the assembled people from El Paso and from out of Town know all there is to know about the fine city of El Paso, Texas

El Paso Star Trek Comic-Con Costume Parade

Everybody who is in Costume is encouraged to strut their Stuff to show off what they got and what they look like in Costume

Free Coffee and Doughnuts with El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser

A free coffee and doughnut session with El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser.Free Coffee, Doughnuts, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice along with other pastries will be served in the main Salon as you can meet El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and rub shoulders with your fellow Trekies.

Costume Judging Contest

The El Paso Star Trek Comic-Con costume judging contest will start at 2PM. The esteemed panel of judges including Mayor Oscar Leeser and Star Trek's the original series very own Lieutenant Sulu, distinguished actor George Takei, will award cash prizes for first, second and third place costumes. Door prize and raffles will also take place as we try to find the best El Paso Star-Trek Comic-Con costumes of 2015.

Lunch is served

A Banquet lunch will be served in the main Conference room Salon from 11:30 to 1:30, free to all attendees who purchased a three day pass, $10 for everybody else.

Cake Walk for Charity

A Cake Walk for Charity will be held from 10:30 to 11:30 to raise money for Charity. Come and participate $7 at the door.

A Banquet will be served for the winners of the costume judging contest

El Paso, Texas Mayor, Oscar Leeser, and Star Trek the original Series cast member, George Takei, aka Lieutenant Sulu will be on hand to award the cash prizes and trophies for the best costume for first, second and third prize. $15 at the door, $10 for all Convention guests who purchased a three day pass.

The Space Time Warp Continuum

New Mexico State University Professor, Dr. Charles Sneed Phd. will lecture the assembled group on the Space Time Warp Continuum and how it relates to the Star Trek movie and TV series.

Star Trek Gaming

Senior Microsoft Software Engineer, book author and noted lecturer Scott Allen will give a lecture on the newest Star Trek software games on the market and how they operate and how to play them the best way possible..

Johnathan Frakes on Star Trek Marketing

Johnathan Frakes will talk about Star Trek Marketing and how it has effected his life and how it has become a booming cottage industry in the world today

Patrick Stewart will talk about his own web building experiences

Patrick Stewart who is talented amateur when it comes to creating websites. It has been his hobby for many years now and he will talk to the assembled crowd about his experience with web building and social Media.

Associate Star Trek PR Specialist, Mike Woodring

Star Trek Public Relations Specialist, Mike Woodring will talk aboout and give an interesting lecture on the many actors that have played guest starring roles on the Star Trek, movie and TV series.

Pete Brown

Former Associate Star Trek Producer and current book author and lecture series participant Mike Brown will host a Star Trek Forum where he will lecture and then answer questions from the audience about the Star Trek TV and movie series

Rene Aberjenois, the Social Media Impact on Star Trek

Star Trek the next generation cast member, Rene Aberjenois, aka "Odo", will speak about the Impact that Star Trek has had on Social Media on the internet and vice-versa.

Star Trek Script writer, Jim Cowart

Star Trek script author of 16 Star Trek Next Generation TV shows will lecture on the evolution of Klingons and their history with Star Trek

Brent Spiner and the Social Media

Brent Spiner who played commander Data in the Star Trek TV and Movie Series will talk about his experience with the Social Media.

George Takei Keynote

Honored Guest, George Takei original Star Trek TV Series cast member, Lieutenant Sulu will deliver the KeyNote address for the El Paso Star Trek Comic-Con Convention.

Glenn Block El Paso Star Trek Historian

The El Paso head of the El Paso Star Trek fan club and local Star Trek Historian will give a lecture on the fun of being a Trekie.

Patrick Stewart on the Space Continuum

Patrick Stewart will give a lecture on his idea of the Space Time Continuum and how it relates to Star Trek "The Next Generation".

The Character of Odo the Shape Shifter

Star Trek: The Next Generation Associate Producer Mads Christensen will lecture about Odo the Shape Shifter.

Dr. Brad Green Phd UTEP Physics Professor

Dr. Brad Green Phd. will give a lecture on time travel and the speed of light and how it can be accomplished and what are the barriers that need to be overcome before space travel can happen.

Rene Auberjenois on the transporter beam

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actor (aka ODO) will give a lecture on his thoughts and feelings on the Star Trek Transporter mechanism.

Dr. Meagan Russel Phd. AstroPhysics NMSU

Dr. Meagan Russel Phd. AstroPhysicist from NMSU will lecture on the properties of matter and anti-matter

Dr. Rey Bango M.D. Texas Tech

Dr. Ray Bango M.D. Texas Tech School of Medicine will discuss medicine in the 23rd Century

Engineer Hans Fajellmark

Electrical Engineer Hans Fajellmark will lecture on How Scotty the Ships Engineer was able to fix so many things on board the Star Shipship Enterprise.

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Event Speakers / Our Featured Speakers

Brent Spiner

Commander Data

Brent Spiner, Commander Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of our top Speakers

Jonathan Frakes

Number 1: Star Trek the Next Generation

Johnathan Frakes Number One, Star Trek The Next Generation.

George Takei

Lieutenant Sulu

Our Keynote Speaker George Takei aka, Lieutenant Sulu of the Original TV series Star Trek

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart Captain Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek the Next Generation

Patrick Stewart is one of our top speakers.

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